What is it? On the most basic level of use, is an online bookmarking site where you can bookmark, make tags, take notes and share your bookmarks with others.

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While there are many reasons to use in your teaching, I want to focus on the areas of finding resources and note-taking.
You can find a great amount of research to support the use of note-taking.

I would like to suggest that you may be interested in the meta-analysis of research on the most effective instructional strategies called, Classroom Instruction That Works.

This helpful book is the result of the research meta-analysis completed by Robert Marzano and his collaborators, Debra J. Pickering and Jane E. Pollock. For more information on the resources mentioned and the major strengths of, read It's

As an example, we will refer to Module 6 from the companion book,
A Handbook for Classroom Instruction That Work.
Note-Taking Handout

Examples of topics to research as students are determining their stance on the topic and developing their hypothesis or research statement/question.

For instance:

The Northwest Ordinance is the most important piece of legislation, other than the Declaration of Independence, passed by the Continental Congress.
Children should receive vaccinations.
Video cameras should be used to monitor buses, classes and other common areas of the school.
All paper used at school should be recycled.
Technology is a tool.
Technology is a way of life.
The Homestead Acts