WIDGETS: Snippets, Gadgets, and Applications

In this professional development session, you will be introduced to widgets, a tool that can help you integrate technology and enhance instructional strategies in a naturalistic manner.

My objectives for this session are to define, describe and delineate widgets in education. In this session I will explain:

  • what widgets are,
  • where you can find them,
  • how they are made, and
  • examine their instructional possibilities.
The focus of discussion will refer to widgets that can be used by teachers for their own benefit and for those that can be used in the elementary grades, namely K-8.

When discussing various types of instructional strategies during this workshop, I refer to the meta-analysis from Marzano, et al. They detail their investigations of research based successful intruction
al strategies in their book, Classroom Instruction that Works. and I will refer to various instructional strategies when recommending widgets for educational use.

Let's start:

Widget Hotlist
Make your own widget.