What is Weather Pixie?
A lightweight widget that you can download to a blog, website, or other online network.
A calendar that automatically updates
A current weather conditions chart taken from area airports.
A "Dress for the Weather" guide. (nonlinguistic representation)

This is a Weather Pixie, Tristan and I made as we talked it through on Skype. He lives in Topeka, Kansas.

My Weather Pixies

The WeatherPixie
Weather data is taken from Parsons Tri-City Airport.

The WeatherPixie

Weather data is taken from Chanute Martin Johnson Airport

The WeatherPixie
Weather data is taken from Joplin Regional Airport

Weather Pixie is an example of the good efforts of interested programmers who have a great idea and put it into practice by making an interactive widget. These people share these widgets freely online, as long as you agree to their terms & conditions. Sometimes they will take tips, donations or items from a wishlist, but you are not obligated to do this. Mainly they want people to share their url and tell their friends and colleagues about the widget they made.

Weather Pixie was created and is maintained by Tamsin.