Voki is an example of an interactive widget, and its uses are so numerous that people are still figuring the out.

Some basic uses of Voki:

  • Introduction

  • Directions

  • Questions

  • Responses

Sample Vokis:

My Voki that is embedded in my blog, n2teaching hearts and minds:

Get a Voki now!

I change this Voki periodically, for seasons and other reasons, like Pi Day!

Another Voki sample:

Get a Voki now!

This is a WeatherPixie, Tristan and I made as we talked it through on Skype.

The WeatherPixie

Here are some URLs of classes that have used Voki widgets to introduce themselves at the beginning of collaborative projects.

ANZA Connection

  • Mrs. H (in New Zealand) and Mrs. M (in Australia) used a wiki to insert the introductions from their students for a collaborative project.
  • Students received lessons on how to make the Voki and what appropriate internet behavior was. For instance, they were instructed not providing identifying information, eg. no last names, among other important online safety tips.

Global Learning Project

  • Mrs. M (in Australia) and Mr. S (in USA) also used Voki for student introductions as they began a collaborative project.
  • Students in both classes worked together to select questions to ask one another.