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Samples of my own teaching materials, creating by me for my students.

Sample Reading Stories & Current Event Guidelines

Interesting article to use in the Spring, just before we need to start using sunscreen. Already at a reading level that can be used in middle school.
This is a simple idea, yet the primary source document is written at a very high level. This is a prime candidate for use in differentiating instruction by summarizing and simplifying the article to meet the appropriate reading level.

This is a summary of what I think is important in writing what I call a Current Event Mashup. I have used this guideline with students from 5th to 12th grade. I also send a copy to parents with my expectations of progress from practice to proficiency. That way they know my thinking and teaching students to develop an end product that will enable them to express personal thinking, in context with learning.

Sample Rubric

I like to use this excel spreadsheet. After rating the student's graphic organizer, I have a number that can be interpreted as a grade which can then be recorded. Immediate feedback for the student, along with improved teacher efficiency through technology. I do allow students to act on feedback to improve their learning.

Sample Graphic Organizers

Ask me about Dr. Frank X. Sutman and my take on his learning theory, as it applies to project based learning.

I have included some traditional Lesson Plans that have individual concepts or activities that could be adapted for use w/in Project Based Learning scenarios.

Sample Lesson Plans

6th Grade Math

High School Science Classes