How It All Began

Beginning in October, 2007, I began this independent, individual professional development for future Kansas teacher licensure in October, 2012. I first learned that the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) had implemented their directives to enable ALL teachers to earn Professional Development Points, whether they were currently teaching in the classroom or not. I have pursued this opportunity for many reasons:

  • earn credits for my next licensure period from 2012-2017
  • maintain professional interactions with other teachers
  • stay current with new or expanded ideas within my curriculum domains
  • discover what technologies are available for education
  • collaborate with others with similar interests
  • provide service to the profession

What's the backstory?

Normally, I simply send in my licensure materials and wait for my renewal. NOT this time. My most recent renewal was completed in Topeka while I was visiting at KSDE.

During my visit, I learned that any teacher, licensed in Kansas, could develop their own independent, professional development plan through the LEA in the town where the they live. That was the most fantastic news that I had heard in quite awhile.

I was impressed that the needs of teachers at various stages in their development is considered a valid opportunity for Kansas to retain teachers. I think it helps our state parlay 21st century learning opportunities that will benefit students, their parents and communities.

This is a very helpful teacher retention tool. If teachers stay in contact with the professional development process, they are more likely to feel connected to the teaching profession. They are also more likely to return to teaching or to some similar position in Kansas.

How did I develop ideas for my Professional Development Plan?

Professional Development Mashup

PD Action Plan Documentation

PDP Action Plan v1